Our goal leading up to the initial release of our SLEEPWALKR technology in 2039 was simply one thing: to expand our human perception. Expanding this to such a degree that our inherent perceptional separation of body and mind is no longer an issue. This does not set a boundary between us anymore; the mind instead exists as a wealth of knowledge that can be accessed by others directly, not just by oneself. Our capability of perception amongst each other can now exist beyond the physical realm, and instead within that of the mind. Dreams are now a reality. 
The SLEEPWALKR device's sleek, optimistic design not only revolutionizes the size of a scanner of this scope, making for a very compact application to just about any facility, but also the patient's comfort while taking part in a scan. The unit can easily be installed at the head of any model of bed, allowing for patients to lay down comfortably while their head rests inside. Results begin generating within just minutes, and many real-time viewing options are available as well.
Our patented SLEEPWALKR device is an all-inclusive package, featuring both the hardware to capture necessary data and the embedded software required to review it. The included software features an extremely intuitive user interface that allows for precise review and analysis of both the audio and visuals being generated in real time. You can pinpoint, note on, and save specific moments from the dream recording for ease of sharing with colleagues or clients. The visual results generated by the software from the retrieved scan data are absolutely remarkable, providing you with sharp imagery captured straight from the brain.
At SLEEPWALKR Industries, it's always been a top priority to sustain our long-standing relationship with the medical community, providing groundbreaking new solutions to age-old problems. We are pioneering a new frontier within healthcare, especially in the realm of mental health. Our technology is truly redefining the possibilities of relationships between providers and patients. Imagine a world where that one thing a therapist's patient can't exactly verbalize can instead be experienced viscerally via a scan of their subconscious. Well, there's no need to imagine any longer. We've created just that, allowing emotions and unexplainable concepts to fully realize themselves without the need to try and describe them. Your mind is no longer just a personal tool, but can now be accessed by others to better understand you.
Of course, the future itself is a major driving force here at SLEEPWALKR Industries, and we are constantly looking for new solutions to shape it in remarkable and revolutionary ways. Our Research and Development department is hard at work creating the technology of tomorrow, whether that be brand-new endeavors or updates and improvements to our current SLEEPWALKR model. Our team is already deeply engaged in pushing the visual and auditory qualities of our dream scan results even further than they already have, and that is immensely exciting. 
If you're at all interested in joining our Research and Development team, don't hesitate to apply at our Career Opportunities page.
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